This interview with me just came out in DJ Trend Nation magazine. This is an excerpt, you can pick up the mag and read the rest, or go to their website djtrendnation

Creative Commons licence – Affenkopp1

Creative Commons licence – Affenkopp1

DJ Max Badger has been doing his ab-native thing, keeping his peeps beats in his work and releasing new mix-tapes every few months. He’s aboriginal, he’s groovy, and we just had to interview him.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From everything around me, from the beats of my people, the resistance and the revolution. 

When you aren’t DJ-ing, you are you doing at the university. How easy is it to split your focus between the two?

I’m a hyper guy. Lots of coffees, four hours sleep a night with naps in the daytime. Plus I’m lucky I can take breaks from my day job every couple of hours to think about or work on my music

Who are some of your favorite rappers?

Old school first like DeadMau5 and I still think Fatboy Slim is great. I really really like Lady AnnaShay. But I like my work a lot, too. That’s not ego, it’s just, who else out there is doing my kind of DJ-ing?

What do you say when some young guy or girl comes up and asks for advice?

I say find your own groove and work at it. But also, don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with musical forms and effects you aren’t comfortable with.

You were recently critical of rap. Why?

I sometimes think rap has lost its moral centre. Back in the day… way back… we had rap artists like NWA, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, LL Cool J, Tone Loc and a bunch of others, who had a message, and they are what inspired me to become a DJ, even though most of them were at their peaks before I was born. But now… There’s too much emphasis on violence and exploiting women and no moral message. WTF! But that’ll change. Things always do. 

Look ahead one year. What’s happened to DJ Max Badger?

More beats and try some trance.